Performance Exhaust Muffler, Fiat X1/9 - (SKU 27-6920)

  • Model: 27-6920

$299.00  $199.00

Performance Exhaust Muffler

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • TIG Welded w/ stainless weld
  • Polished to a near mirror finish
Works with our Stainless Steel Header (SKU 27-6919-SS). Includes mounting bracket kit which bolts to existing bolt holes.

This muffler replaces all pieces of the exhaust after the header (U-pipe, cat. converter, & muffler).  What remains is only this unit a high flow muffler and stainless steel piping.

Fiat/Bertone X1/9 1975-88
SKU has changed from 27-6920-SS to 27-6920 (they are the same)

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