Introduction to Terms of Service

WHY YOU SHOULD ORDER EARLY -- Remember, in many cases our special cars have had various components replaced by non-original. For example, a 1976 Fiat 1800 Sport Spider may have any of the other variations of the DOHC engine- 1438, 1592, 1608, 2000cc- under the hood.

In some cases, the factory used multiple components in one year model. For example, at least three different alternators were used to construct 1979 X1/9s.

And at times, the factory modified parts. For example, the Milano and GTV6 motor mounts were originally different from one another. Later, Alfa Romeo offered only Milano mounts that could then be modified to be used on GTV6.

Terms of Service

Cost of parts – Cost of shipping
$0.01 to 15.00 - $10.20
$15.01 to 60.00 - $11.99
$60.01 to 100.00 - $15.99
$100.01 to 150.00 - $17.99
$150.01 to 200.00 - $20.99
$200.01 to 300.00 - $22.99
$300.01 to 400.00 - $24.99
$400.01 to 500.00 - $26.99
$500.01 & UP - $28.99

These rates apply to all of the Continental United States. Shipping rates for wheels, exhausts, body panels, long console & dash pieces and Alfa Romeo brake rotors are slightly higher. Very large orders will go in multiple boxes. These rates do NOT apply to those size orders. Saturday deliveries may also be available at extra cost. VAS may elect to ship certain orders of less than $30.00 through the US Postal Service.

SAME DAY SHIPPING -- It takes an extra effort, but we accept same-day shipment orders until 1:00p.m. CST, weekdays, via FedEx to get you the parts you need quickly.

APO's and FPO's are shipped via U.S. Post Office.

Many body parts, and a few other items, may be too large for FedEx shipping and must be shipped by truck, generally Freight Collect. You pay the Shipping company for the freight on your order. Shipping companies and rates may vary, please call for more information.

FedEx will not ship to P.O. Boxes.

FedEx SHIPPING OPTIONS -- For Continental US customers wanting expedited delivery, FedEx offers faster delivery options. Please inquire for rates at the time you place your order. Note: FedEx air shipments are very expensive. It is best to plan ahead and take advantage of FedEx Ground rates. Order early enough to have the part shipped to you, inspected for your application and time to resolve any problem with the part working for your car.

STOLEN DELIVERY – With the increase in mail order deliveries there is an increase in delivery theft, commonly referred to as “Porch Pirates”. We do NOT have the ability and CANNOT stop this from happening, nor can our delivery partners (FedEx, UPS, US Mail, etc). Should you become a victim of this please make a police report. We are not liable for your now “missing” items. If the tracking information shows it was delivered that is as far as we can help. There are steps you can take to better prepare...1) Be home on delivery day. 2) Provide a GOOD email for the tracking # and not the one you never check. 3) Use a “hold at location” for pick up or have it delivered to a business. 4) Ask for signature required (this costs about $5 extra) so that it cannot be left at your door.

Helpful links –

DAMAGED ITEMS -- Should your shipment appear to be damaged or if the box appears to have been opened, check the contents in the presence of the carrier's agent; if possible. Report any discrepancy to the agent and notify us immediately.

RETURNS FOR DEFECTIVE ITEMS -- If we ship you a defective item call for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Return the item within 30 days, along with a copy of your invoice, for a refund or exchange. We ask that you use FedEx whenever possible for your returned merchandise. Prepay and insure the package. Be sure to save the receipt.

Sorry, no returns on electrical items, fuel injection components, books, manuals, tools, shop equipment, racing, Special Order, or used items.

WARRANTIES -- Most new parts are fully warranted against defects in material and workmanship by the original manufacturer or Vick AutoSports, Inc. for a period of 30 days, (longer in some cases). Sorry, but the warranty does not cover failure of a product as a result of misuse, incorrect installation, or failure of other related parts, nor would the liability of Vick AutoSports, Inc. exceed the cost of the original component.

CORE – All core items are subject to inspection for a refund. All core returns MUST be of the same unit Vick Autosports shipped to you (example: If you receive a left front caliper then you must return a left front caliper. If you do not then you will NOT receive any core refund.) Core items must be in a rebuildable condition, if they are NOT rebuildable they will NOT be considered for a core refund. (example: If you send back an engine core and there is a hole in the side, it will NOT be considered for a core refund.) Core items that have more than 1 part to them MUST be returned with all the parts. (example: If you send back an engine but leave out the crankshaft, it will NOT be considered for a core.) All core credits are subject to our inspection for a refund and there is NO guarantee of a refund.

ALL OTHER RETURNS -- As cited above, specifying the part that will work on your specific car can be confusing. As the largest importer and distributor of parts for Italian car parts in North America, we have thousands of items on our shelves and with any operation we will occasionally pull a part from the wrong shelf. Or a part number may be incorrectly entered on paper work by VAS staff or the purchaser.

Regardless of cause, call for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Return the item in re-sellable condition within 30 days, along with a copy of your invoice, for a refund or exchange on the part. As with most mail order businesses, we do not pay the shipping cost to have items returned. We reserve the right to charge a fee for returned items. Sorry, no returns on electrical items, fuel injection components, books, manuals, tools, shop equipment, racing, Special Order, or used items.

REFUSED DELIVERY -- Any shipment refused by the recipient will not be considered a return and no credit will be issued.

PRICING -- We do our best to buy quality parts at low prices to deliver the savings to the purchaser. Our volume allows us to be the price leader. As the availability of parts changes constantly, our prices will vary. In addition, because we import much of our inventory, changes in the value of the US dollar will cause price fluctuations. In short, our prices, including those on our website and printed in our catalog, are subject to change.

PARTS AVAILABILITY -- We do our best to have all parts listed online and in our catalog. We hesitate to remove items currently considered 'No Longer Available' because we often uncover New Old Stock which means those items become available. It is always best to inquire about current availability before placing an order. In the event the purchaser places on online order, VAS staff will notify purchaser of parts availability.

ONLINE INVENTORY COUNT -- Due to constant changes in inventory, online quantities may vary from inventory available.

LIABILITY -- Notwithstanding other representations, Vick AutoSports liability does not exceed the cost of the item.

ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS -- By placing an order, the purchaser accepts these Terms of Service.