Long Block, Fiat SOHC 1300cc - (SKU 56-9513)

Who is VAS?

Now that’s an excellent question. Vick Autosports is a family business and has been since the early 1980s. When we were founded by experienced racer and Italian auto enthusiast Robert Vick, there was a major parts availability problem for FIATs, ALFA Romeos, and Lancias. We quickly became North America’s leading factory-authorized parts supplier for those great Italian marques and soon began to outpace the clumsy factory supply-chain. By going straight to the OE manufacturers in Italy we were able to save our customers un sacco di money while simultaneously improving actual parts availability!

In parallel, our team’s demonstrable passion for auto racing carried us beyond replacement parts into the realm of innovation. We were driven to push the boundaries of dependability and performance as we put best engineering practices to the test on racetracks across the USA. Many rebuilders may promise to have the secret sauce but through sound science and relentless experimentation we have designed and discovered numerous subtle (and not-so-subtle) improvements on the factory designs that we bake into our engines and performance parts.

Over the years we have found a number of replacement parts that did not live up to our expectations. Rather than throwing in the towel and hocking mediocrity we have gone to great lengths to produce better, longer-lasting replacement parts that you can only find here. These are peppered throughout our catalog consisting of everything from stainless steel parts to simple seals and bushings.

What's the VAS difference?

Well for starters we’re really into dad jokes…bonus points if you caught that.

Each member of the VAS family brings different skills and strengths to the table and our continued growth demonstrates that this team goes together like caffè e biscotti. Since January 1, 2009, VAS has been owned and operated by long time friends of Robert Vick, Jerry and Donna Phillips. Jerry has been an avid Italisti for a long, loooong time having personally restored more than one award-winning FIAT before taking the reigns from Signor Vick.

The whole family grew up with various Italian restoration projects (and basket-cases!) in the driveway. So Matt, Aaron, and Andy naturally rallied to the cause, rounding out the passel of Italian auto parts prodigies that are eager to make your project purr like the pedigreed Mediterranean pavement-pounder it is! The experience passed down by our forebears is still visible in what we do today while we continue to push the boundaries of reliability, performance, and cost-effectiveness for the most exciting vintage automobili in the world.

Now these are the Italisti who handle the day-to-day operations but we still gain helpful insight from all of our family members — for example our new Moderna wheels were selected by Aaron’s oldest daughter, Naomi.

In 2017, we moved from our long-time location in Fort Worth, Texas to our current home in the town of Cleburne. This move meant more affordable warehouse space — which should make us all happy — because we always want to spend the funds entrusted to us by our customers and friends in a frugal, responsible manner. This allows us to continue to set prices affordably while also bringing our current warehouse space to around 20,000 sq.ft. of glorious ALFA and FIAT inventory!

Coilover Kit w/Hydrasports, Fiat X1/9 & Scorpion - (SKU 62-632X)

Our Goals:

To make our customers happy. To continue to have positive growth both professionally and personally. To continue to offer the largest line-up of parts for great prices. To someday take a vacation.

Every day we consider what new parts we can create for our classic Italian cars. One of the most fun things we get to do is create items that are no-longer-available or did not even exist before. Our passion for these cars keeps us moving and designing. We’ve created brake kits, aluminum radiators, custom coilover kits, and stainless exhaust kits. The list goes on and we aren’t done yet!

Our Customer Service Commitment:

If you ever need help with your project, know that we want to help you not only with you the parts that you need, but with the advice you need to succeed. Give us a call some time! If we can in any way make your project easier, we are more than happy to help – especially if you’re nice to us. (What?! It makes a difference!)

Please never feel your concern may come across as “silly” or “stupid.” We’ve heard almost every possible question and only rarely are they anywhere close to “stupid.” But even if it is, we promise not to say.

Thank you for your continued support. Your orders, referrals, and testimonials have made Vick Autosports the home of the wise Italian auto enthusiast for the last 40 years!

Prima Front Brakes, Fiat X1/9, 128 & L. Scorpion - (SKU 05-211x)

About Our New Site:

Boy, if you read this far, you’re a real raggazo duro. Or, like many before you, you’ve come to adore and appreciate what we do here. Salute, amici! We built this website for you in-house! So if you find any problems, or if you have any suggestions, please know that it would be a service to us if you contacted our webmaster and let him know.

Thank you for making it all possible!

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