International Questions

  • Do you ship outside the United States?

    Yes, we ship internationally almost every day.

  • Do You Have a Minimum Order for International Shipments?

    No! We no longer have a minimum for international shipments. However, if you order a $3 gasket for international shipping, you WILL be disappointed at the shipping fee. Just the facts, amici! The more you order, the less shipping will hurt. Thank you for understanding!

  • How Do I Place an Order?

    See the question below, "How Do I Get a Shipping Quote?" for a simple overview.

  • How Do I Get a Shipping Quote?

    1) Proceed through the normal checkout process. When you select an international shipping address, you will see a charge of $0 and "International Shipment: Place order for quote."
    2) Complete your order with accurate email, phone, and payment info. You will not be charged until the next step.
    3) We will contact you with an exact shipping quote based on your real package, which ensures you pay the lowest freight cost possible.
    4) Reply to us to approve or decline the shipping charge.
    4a) If you approve, most orders will be shipped within one business day with tracking number.
    4b) If you decline, you will not be charged, and your order will be deleted from our system.
    5) If you entered a valid email address with your order, you will receive a tracking number from FedEx upon shipment.

  • Can You Declare a Lower Value for Customs/Tarifs?

    We hope you understand, but we have a lot of customers all around the world. For their sake, and for the sake of our ability to continue to serve the global FIAT and Alfa community, we have to be 100% honest and thorough on customs declarations. We make it our sincere goal to comply with all international laws, and to make it easier for government and law enforcement to do their jobs. It would be a disservice to everyone to compromise our integrity or the security of our work, no matter how much we value our customers. To look at it positively, VAS won't lie, cheat, or steal in order to get your business. Thanks!

  • Help! I Haven't Received My Order!

    International shipping can be a slow, volatile process. Fortunately, lost packages are not nearly as common as most people think. Many, many times, we have looked into missing packages only to have them arrive a day or two later.
    1) First, check the tracking number you received (this comes directly from the US Postal Service or FedEx email, so check your junk folder).
    2) Second, check your voicemail, because the shipping carrier may be trying to contact you about duty tax payment.
    3) international transitions and customs approval can be painfully slow, so don't rush it. Your tracking number will give a delivery estimate, so be patient until that time, or even a few days longer.
    4) If you feel there is an abnormality with your package (can't we all relate?), contact the shipping company first. If they can't find your package, contact us and we'll work with the various shippers on a refund and replacement. Again, this is a slow process (them, not us), so try not to blow a gasket with us (a little humor for you)

  • Do you carry parts for right hand drive or model years after 1994?

    Sorry, we only produce parts intended for US model Fiats and Alfas. Unfortunately, we can not test parts for cars that were never marketed in the US. Some of our parts may fit other cars, but the burden of research must be on the owner of the car, because we cannot make any guarantees. Sorry!

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