International Customers FAQ

Q: Do you ship outside the United States?
A: Yes, we ship internationally almost everyday.
Q: How do you ship internationally?
A: We use the US Postal Priority Mail Service for all international shipments.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: That depends entirely upon the weight and size of your order. You can get a quick estimate by going to
- Simply estimate the weight of the product you want and select your country.

Q: How much do my items weigh?
A: Please email us the SKU #s in question so we can best help you.

Q: Do you carry parts for right hand drive or model years after 1994?
A: We carry parts for US model Fiats and Alfas. We do not have sources for parts for cars that were never legally imported to the US.

Q: What parts do you carry for my car?
A: All parts are listed on the website clearly in their respective categories. Example: If you own a Fiat 124 Spider. Your parts will be under the Fiat Parts Store > Fiat 124/2000 & 131/Brava Parts. If you are looking for the water pump for said car, then you would click on the "Cooling System" category.

Q: When I check out I do not see any shipping amount?
A: That is correct. We will add the shipping manually after the order is placed.

Q: Mark the box a certain way.
A: We mark all international boxes as "antique auto parts"