2021 PHOTO CONTEST: Best Photo pt. 2!

2021 PHOTO CONTEST: Check out the story behind this year’s Best Overall Photo winner! Don’t miss his winning photo on our page:
I wanted to share a photo of my 1985 Alfa Romeo Spider. I bought it in 2005 as a sophomore in college, and I’ve driven it all over (Roughly 70k miles since I bought it). It’s the first car I bought with my own money. The car started its life in Boston and eventually ended up in Michigan. I bought it there and brought it out to California. On snowy days in the mountains, I like to throw some sand bags in the trunk and see how far I can get. The most satisfying part is passing SUVs whose drivers can’t figure out how to drive in the snow.
This entry is a photo from my drive to Wrightwood, CA on the Crest Highway in the Angeles National Forest. The first photo is from Wrightwood proper. The second photo is what I drove through to get there. The engine, brakes, and suspension have all been beefed up. Now I just need to work on the interior.
Andrew N”

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