Next Stop: Prima Brakes!

So, once again I’m thrilled to introduce one of my creations for the Fiat 124… And it’s sure to bring the world of classic Fiats to a screeching halt, being modest!

“What’s that?!” you say? That, my friend, would be a revolution for your car…

Say hello to an affordable front brake kit! Introducing improved stopping power, reliability, safety, and performance: the VAS Prima brake kit for the Fiat 124 and 2000! For the daily driver, street performance enthusiast, and budget racer… Utilizing Euro parts and the finest American design and workmanship, you can rely on these brakes for years to come; and they won’t break the bank.
This is not merely an oversized stock brake system; this is a modern brake system with vastly improved “sliding pin” calipers, and oversized VENTED rotors (also available drilled and slotted). This is the same technology Fiat chose above all others for use on the venerated Nuova 500, which we have now brought to your classic Fiat for an unbeatable price!
Original vintage Fiat brakes utilize archaic and troublesome solid rotors and the “sliding wedge” caliper design, which requires the moving portion of the brake assembly to grind and slide across large steel brake wedges. These surfaces are prone to rust, corrosion, brake dust accumulation, and more, which leads to dragging brakes and horrible, inconsistent brake performance. The most noticeable and hazardous result of this is rapid, uneven braking described as “sawing” at the steering wheel.
Solid rotors and sliding wedge calipers have gone the way of the buffalo, and for a very good reason. Like modern Fiat brakes, the new Prima kit eliminates the many problems associated with solid rotors and sliding wedge calipers, and goes even farther. Prima brakes will perform with grace under the most demanding driving, for both safety and fun!
VAS will offer a full line of inexpensive and easy-to-install replacement parts, which will bring your new front brakes to a swift stop–far into the future.
The highlights:
  • Technology of modern Fiats
  • Increased braking force
  • Increased brake rotor cooling
  • Better braking consistency
  • Improved caliper design
  • Increased brake pad surface area
  • Good pedal response
  • Streetable pedal travel
  • DOT-approved stainless brake hoses
  • Available replacement parts!
  • Modern braking performance!!
  • Low price!!!

I’ll now leave you to ruminate on that for a while… Oh, yeah. Surely you’re wondering, “BUT HOW MUCH?!” The answer?




6 thoughts on “Next Stop: Prima Brakes!”

  1. Thanks for the glowing comments! It's really great to hear that you're so happy with it. Actually, your comment about this being just what the car needed since it was new… That is exactly what I was going for while designing the kit. "If Fiat had had current technology when they designed these cars, what WOULD they have come with?"

    Thanks again for making my day!

  2. Hey Buz! I'm glad you liked them. To decrease brake pedal slop, you'll want to double-check the adjustment on the two threaded rods connecting brake pedal to master cylinder. The first goes between pedal and booster, the second goes between booster and master cylinder.

    If that doesn't tighten it up enough for you, you might want to upgrade the rear end of the car to braided stainless steel brake hoses. Believe it or not, rubber hoses expand under pressure, contributing to squishy pedal feel. Braided steel hoses can make a big difference.

  3. Although I've had my Prima brakes now for like 3 months, I had so many things going on, I didn't install them for a long time. Finally did and they are fabulous!!! Just what that car needed…um, since um, well about a year after I bought it new in 1972. Finally he stops straight. They LOOK great too behind my 15 inch rims. Not as much pedal as I'd like but I'll do some more tweaking…
    thanks! Great design, great idea and great help to a brake system that needed it.

  4. Thanks for commenting!

    You know, as a matter of fact, I haven't forgotten "you" X1/9 guys! I happen to be an X1/9 guy myself, and, well, let's just say that my next project will make you pretty happy.

    I'll keep you posted.

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