Keeping it Stock?

Briefly, I want to build on my recent post about the history of the Fiat group (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, etc.), and their innovative spirit…

Andy and the VAS Turbo X1/9 w/ Programmable EFI

I often hear from customers who want to keep their cars stock. Upon further probing, I find that most are concerned about retaining resale value. However, as someone who deals with these cars for a living, I can tell you with certainty that tasteful modifications will significantly increase the resale value of most of these cars.

For the few who are concerned about nostalgic appeal, and want to keep their cars stock for the sake of honoring the legacy of those who designed and built it… See below! Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Lancia have always been modifiers and innovators!

The bottom line is: Do you have a one-off X1/9 that Nuccio Bertone custom-built for his wife, with a hand-peened impression of her face in the left-front fender, and form-fit seats made of her favorite small animal hide? Okay, keep it “stock”… But if you have Nuccio Bertone’s beautiful design legacy as represented in the factory production Fiat X1/9, honor the man’s genius and…

Make it yours!


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